laying the groundwork

This post originally appeared as a project update for the Institute on Digital Archaeology Method and Practice here.

It’s been quite a while since my last post, but I have definitely not been idle. In my initial timeline I had hoped to have some concrete progress at this point, but there have definitely been advantages to taking things slowly. I’ve continued soaking up skills and information. I’ve gotten some great feedback from my mentors. I’ve also spoke with digital librarians in Virginia. I presented a paper at the Society for Historical Archaeology conference on making Virginia’s data more open (and this repository will be a huge part of that). I’m taking an online digital curation course through University College London as well as following along with Shawn Graham’s Crafting Digital History course this semester to build even more skills. So, yeah. Busy.

As the timeline is compressed, I’m always conscious of adjusting scope and scale. I’m still focusing the repository on gray literature at the core, but I also want to connect other types of project documents related to the archaeological investigations covered in the CRM reports. So for now I’m thinking I’m going to start with ten reports, representing ten different archaeological excavations. That way I can include site photos, maps, artifact photos, and other types of assets to relate to the excavations and really demonstrate the true power of a linked repository.

Over the next couple of weeks I plan to focus my efforts on selecting content and beginning to develop my schema in KORA. Stay tuned.

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