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I’ve got the basics of my KORA repository set and I’ve begun ingesting objects. While I did start with a nice, organized list of fields from our databases, I ended up combining our specialized fields with those I found in existing KORA schema. So there is some fat to trim, but I’m getting there.

I decided on one scheme for everything at this point. As of now, I’ve ingested PDF CRM reports and scanned digital images, but I will also be including tabular datasets. I’m going slowly, since I often discover new fields or ways I want the data to work as I upload materials. But I’m feeling pretty good about it now and it seems to be settling.

I’m slightly chomping at the bit to work on the front end (since getting the data out will help me decide the best ways to put the data in). Apparently there’s a WordPress plugin juuuust about ready from the wonderful folks at KORA. I’m waiting on that. The best part here is that there’s a chance that my agency website might be switching to WordPress soon, so that would make long-term hosting and maintenance of this system much easier. Even though I’ll probably end up using the WordPress plugin if it’s finished soon, I’d also like to play with the PHP, since I’ve never built a PHP site and I’d love to learn.

Kate Ellenberger’s post on VoyantTools inspired me to dig a bit more into text analysis. I’m thinking about embedding views for each report into the UI. I’m also thinking about using this or other analysis software to extract good tags and keywords to improve search throughout this system (and our wider collection of data here). Suggestions on less obvious applications welcome.

Questions, both for my mentors, and the outside world:

  • Am I in the right place with how I’m using Dublin Core fields? I’ve read a ton, but actually implementing a schema using Dublin Core isn’t covered (because it’s so basic).
  • Are all of my specialized fields formatted in the most efficient way?
  • I’m linking to the DINAA/OC uri for each site. Am I doing this right?
  • Do I have to host my front end site on the same server as my KORA repository (currently it’s at MSU)? Or can the front end site be hosted somewhere else?
  • What’s my first step in making a frontend using PHP (besides the Codecademy PHP course)?

Next steps:

  • Get some more internal clarification on where a bigger digital archives project might go to maximize my investment in this project
  • Contact mentors directly with questions
  • Start making both query frontend and public frontend
  • Keep ingestin’
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