going with the flow

I’m getting ready to head to SAA in Orlando and figured I could use this opportunity to get this site in shape. I nearly fell into the trap of starting from scratch with another static site generator, but I stopped myself (this is currently in Pelican but I was going to try Hugo again). In the interest of not making things overly complicated and actually finishing a task to some degree, I buckled back down and dug into Pelican again. Since my knowledge of web design is still pretty rudimentary, I was having some issues troubleshooting when pages wouldn’t render correctly. But that frustrating process of hammering away until something randomly works is still really helpful for learning. I’m just impatient sometimes (and maybe it’s not helping that I’m doing this at home on the weekend and my attentions are very divided). But I think I’m in a pretty good place.

Here’s my wishlist for site structure moving forward:

  • I’d like to set up an open notebook on github for ease of updating and connect to this domain, separate from this blog
  • I’d like to modify the theme to show categories and tags
  • I need to learn the best way to quickly draft posts with images. Right now I’m pretty sure I’m not doing things very efficiently

Even know I knew this in the abstract, I definitely made the rookie mistake of somehow deleting my production code and having to reverse-engineer some stuff. Learning opportunity, right? Now I’ve got a production folder so I won’t do that again.

I’m excited for SAA. This is the first big conference I think I’ve ever gone to where I’m not presenting one or more papers. I just signed up for the Digital Data Interest Group Lightning Talks, so it’s satisfying my need to participate. But I’m really looking forward to taking it all in and meeting some of the folks who have helped me along on Twitter over the past year or so.

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