fun with project management: high-level fog

This post originally appeared as a project update for the Institute on Digital Archaeology Method and Practice here.

This week’s task was very high-level planning, mostly inside my own head, but also beginning to involve others from my agency. Since my Institute project will in reality be a bite-sized version of a much bigger agency data management project, deliberate and careful planning is a very high priority.

I had a great time presenting a very brief overview of all we learned MSU last month to the full range of staff at our agency-wide meeting. Although archaeologists don’t make up the majority of positions here at DHR, all of the topics were relevant well beyond us “below-ground” types. I could hear folks buzzing about other potential projects; it was exciting. I also took the opportunity to introduce my project concept to the larger audience.

While I await feedback from Institute faculty, I’m feeling my way around creating a structure for this project. Next week I’ll be having a more focused meeting with Archives division staff, our IT manager, and some other archaeologists. At this point, I’m hoping to present my vision and make sure I’ve got buy-in from as many people as possible. So far, everyone I’ve informally spoken with seems to be on board, although I definitely want feedback. If anyone sees any red flags that I’m missing, now is the time to make them known.

It’s definitely hard to temper my enthusiasm. We’ve got such a rich dataset here and it’s going to be orders of magnitude more valuable once it’s accessible.

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